Price List

Standard Lesson:

1 lesson - 40 EUR


Riding Cards:
5 lessons - valid for 2 weeks - 125 EUR
5 lesson - valid for 10 weeks - 165 EUR
10 lesson - valid for 20 weeks - 300 EUR


! Special !
Normal price of riding lesson 40 EUR
every following week (regularly) only 30 EUR
following lessons more than one week later 40 EUR
if you come in one week two times riding, the second time costs only 20 EUR


Lesson and Selfriding

Combination of 1 time riding lesson and 1 time self riding/training in one week, with the same horse.

50 EUR per week


HorseXtraClub for Kids
HorseXtraClub for Kids is regularly a fixed day in the week, when the weather is good enough. 2 Hours Playing, caring, riding (not every meeting guaranteed), learning about and around horses, very good option for beginners or kids with fears or handicap, finnish speaker are there.
 >no riding school< 


2 times per month 50 EUR monthly, every time more 25 EUR:

When wanting to come every week: 100 EUR monthly 


Horse parentship 

Like own horse riding and care, once per week riding on your own (one time per month must be a riding lesson), optional more times per week only caring, groundwork or hiking

125 EUR monthly


Foster Horse

Like own horse caring without riding, times to visit unlimited - no age limits

50 EUR monthly




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