Buckley's Ranch in Rajalanvaara

Just 6 km from Kolinportti is a great place to spend relaxing time with horses. For Anka's and Liv's horses it doesn't matter how old you are or what your conditions are. Each horse has an individual training absolved and is working either as riding horse, hiking horse, children horse, therapy horse and more.

These horses are professionally trained to be calm in every situation and under all circumstances. If you or your kids always wanted to try riding, the beginner horses will guide you through your first experiences. If you want to hike through the forest, next to a horse, the trained hiking horses are the perfect companion to carry your bags and give you some nice cuddles along the way. If your little kids want to get to a horse, the children horses love to be brushed and hugged.

Buckley's Ranch,

  Rajalanvaarantie 318, 83900 Juuka, or 

Covid information: Please book in Internet or by textmessage/Whatsapp,

+358 46 687 4343.

No phone calls. Please don't come without appointment.

At our place you get:


Horse care (1 hour):

Only brushing and going for walks with horses. No riding. With Horsetrainer!


Lunging (1 hour):

Riding on a long leash. Best for beginners or people with anxiety/fear. Every age possible. Time included preparing the horse (brushing, saddle)


Riding Lesson (1 hour or more):

For beginners to professionals. Youngest age to start at 6 years. Young kids only play while riding on a leash. Older Kids learn playful to ride by themselves. Teens and Adults are learning all lessons until they can ride independent. Every student has their own pace and time to learn and understand and find the connection to the horse. Time included preparing the horse (brushing, saddle)


Horse Therapy (1 hour or more):

An individual program, fit special to every person. Only for people with issues or disability (anorexia, anxiety, depression, self-doubt, obesity, ADD/ADHD, autism, burnout, handicaps, down syndrome, tourette and way more)

Every age possible. Children only come with their parents.


Price for all offer is 40 € for one hour and every following half hour 20 €

Plan your time and book now!


New: Monthly description at a very good price!



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